Internet Liability coverage as a part of a Management Liability package?

A colleague was asking me about the addition of Internet Liability cover to a Management Liability package.

In our Private Company Management Liability Market Survey (August 2009), we found the following carriers offered an Internet Liability coverage option in their MLI (D&O/EPL/Fiduciary etc.) policy:

* Chubb


* Philadelphia

* Cincinnati at that time did not, but does now.

There will be more – I’ll bet a lot more – this August.

Anyone have any thoughts as to whether it’s better to buy the coverage as part of such a package or as a standalone policy?  Generally the latter might have broader coverage (though I haven’t tried to prove that yet).  I expect that the standalone will offer more services as well.  Offered as a part of an MLI package will be less expensive, though.

Coverage as part of the package is likely a good way to get at the vast middle market that doesn’t require heavy underwriting, I suspect.  Relatively inexpensive, easy to sell, price and availability will rise and fall with claims experience.

Your thoughts?


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