Intellectual Property and Media Liability – snips from our April Market Survey UPDATED

We posted our IP and Media Liability Market Survey 2011 yesterday at  The Executive Summary can be found at

Although there are fewer IP carriers than in previous years, we still find a fair amount of interest in the coverage.

Abatement coverage is offered by both Intellectual Property Insurance Services and Samian.  Defense coverage is more widely available, offered by IPISC, Liberty International Underwriters, Samian, Chartis, and Think Risk.

Media Liability is a hot product, as insureds and their brokers want to learn more about coverage for new (social) media activities.  We covered products from Ace, Allied World, Axis, Beazley, Chartis, Chubb, CNA, Think Risk, and XL.

As mentioned last year, there is overlap (convergence) between IP coverage and Media Liability coverage, an intersection that we find interesting.  Many of the exposures that result from media liability activities are IP exposures, so when an insured is looking for IP coverage, they ought to consider media liability markets (except for patent infringement, which remains in the IP coverage world).

I’ll post about capacity and other meaningful details from our Report when I get a bit more time.


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