Poll results for ‘Does Cyber insurance need a new name?’

If you recall, I created a poll on LinkedIn, asking for suggestions and comments.

The results are here, although there may still be additional comments in the next couple of weeks.

Looking at those results, there is a clear preference for Information Security Insurance, which I rather like (and admittedly proposed – although I randomized the poll questions, I did make my vote public, which probably biased the results).

There have been requests to broaden the choices; I had restricted them to 5 in the interest of clarity, but maybe I need to rethink this.

Anyway – go take a look at the results for some interesting insight into how some very knowledgeable people in the cyber insurance arena see the product and its role.


2 responses to “Poll results for ‘Does Cyber insurance need a new name?’

  1. My 2 cents is we have to becareful to find a name that would be comprehensive, not limit it to one type of “cyber” insurance. For example, a firm might want a privacy breach policy (first policy) and not a network breach (3rd party) or the other way around. So with that said, I woudl not vote for Network Breach Insurance or Network Security Insurance.

  2. Rick,

    You know I agree with the premise of your question – we need clearer definitions of the terms we use.

    I don’t, however, think it is a question of giving ‘cyber’ insurance a new name but of being clearer about what we mean when we talk about all the different exposures and insurances which together, make up a general category of insurances we might reasonable call ‘cyber insurances’.

    To take your idea forward, I have created a wiki based glossary on my blog – http://www.ishouldgetoutmore.com – and would be grateful for (any) comments on changes, corrections, additions and whatever else anyone thinks would be helpful.

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