Snips from EPLI Market Survey 2011

Posted our 2011 EPL Insurance Market Survey 2011 last week; here are some of our observations:

  • Rate adequacy and expense control continues to be the story, with carriers finally convinced of the need to obtain higher rates.  (Note: I could probably have said that better; carriers have been convinced for years – now they are executing, and the intermediaries and consultants are willing to accept it).
  • 34 carrier products included – we added Zurich after some years away (Zurich/Steadfast was in our original survey of 5 carriers way back in 1993) and Arch.
  • Carriers removed from the Survey this year: CoverX/First Mercury (sold to Crum & Forster) and Evanston, which hasn’t responded to information requests for 2 years running.  Evanston promises to provide information for the 2012 Survey.
  • More carriers bringing out industry-specific products, especially for health care.
  • Established EPLI carriers extending the product to their Business Owner Package-type products.
  • Value-added Risk Management services continue to be added and improved.
  • And lastly, but not surprisingly – real wage & hour coverage remains scarce.   We wish it were otherwise.

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