Cyber/Privacy Trends in Risk Management Services – recent observations

Mark Greisiger of NetDiligence provides the Cyber community with insight into, as he says, ‘all things cyber – the nature and severity of threats, ways to manage the risk, and how to respond to incidents’  through his blog, Junto.  The blog is well-known for interviewing practitioners in the Cyber world for their thoughts on risk, services, and coverage.

Mark knows well my interest in Cyber insurance and in particular my enthusiasm for well-crafted and delivered valued-added services.  With that in mind, he interviewed me about Trends in Cyber Risk Management Services and the current state of the product.  The interview can be read by clicking here.

A major contribution NetDiligence makes to the cyber world is by providing data and privacy breach prevention and recovery. Its eRisk Hub® portal ( is used by many Cyber insurers to help their insureds understand, prevent, and respond to data breaches.  A measure of NetDiligence’s influence on the Cyber world can be seen by the fact that at least 14 of the 31 Cyber carriers we reviewed in our most recent Cyber/Privacy Insurance Market Survey offer eRisk Hub to their insureds.

Thanks to Mark and his team for making this contribution to the Cyber risk community.  Junto is a weekly must read for me.


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