I’ll Be Moderating the Cyber 3.0 Panel at PLUS Next Week

Wednesday morning 8:30 – 9:45 I will be moderating Cyber Liability 3.0: Cutting Edge Advancements in Coverage and Services.  In addition to my introductory remarks covering the concept and progress to date, my panelists will be offering their insight into the concepts involved, including the avoidance and control of potential breaches and other forms of loss.

Our panelists are:

  • Lori Bailey – Zurich’s Global Head of Professional Liability
  • Kristen Dauphinais – Underwriter at Beazley
  • Jeremy Henley – ID Experts’ Insurance Solutions Executive
  • Jeff Stull – Risk Analytics’ Founder and Chairman

Here are some of those topics:

  • Is the Highly Protected Risk Model Useful for Cyber Insurance?
  • Can HPR approaches be effective in Cyber?
  • Are the costs justified by reduced losses?
  • Do they improve customer retention?
  • The Latest in Data Theft – How the Black Hats are Stealing Your Insured’s Data
  • Why Firewalls Fail
  • The role of governmental actors
  • Are there so many breaches that it just doesn’t matter anymore? 
  • Helping Insureds Help Themselves
  • The latest in coverage design
  • International policy differences
  • Is Active Defense Successful – and is it practical?
  • Difference between “offense” and “proactive defense”
  • Are live privacy expert services effective in reducing exposures?
  • The Small- and Mid-sized Market
  • Is a live privacy expert viable in the SME market?

If you are attending the program, please come up afterwards and say ‘hi’?  I’ll be zooming off for a video interview right after the program but should be able to linger for a few minutes.


2 responses to “I’ll Be Moderating the Cyber 3.0 Panel at PLUS Next Week

  1. Robert M. Anderson

    Is there a link to the presentation or will you have a video for later view?

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