Side A D&O – My thoughts on the marketplace and especially the larger not-for-profit sector

Our October issue on Side A D&O products continues to be widely read as carriers continue to innovate.  But I am still pursuing the idea that larger not-for-profits don’t seem to have the interest in it that I (and many others) think they should.

In that issue, I speculated on the impact of the Affordable Care Act and the strains it is causing health care systems.  We are seeing some signs of increasing purchase of Side A by those systems, but it is far from pervasive.  That discussion is on page 3 of the issue.  Attorney Joe Monteleone and I also wrote about the topic in July’s edition of Trustee Magazine (published by the American Hospital Association).

WRINTV asked me to comment on the Side A market and in particular the interest on the part of health care systems; the interview is here.  The interview provides a bit more color to the topic.

This topic deserves more discussion than it is getting  – why isn’t it?


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